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FA Cup - African Style!!

Surreal is the word to describe the 19th May 2018…..FA Cup day in the footballing calendar. The day started out with a game drive, as you do when in South Africa, and after some close encounters with some elephants and buffalo we were back home and starting the pre kick off fire.

The fire was lit so it was time to open up the first of my African craft beers to give them a go. The Darling Brew Bone Crusher was first up, a delicious ‘wit’ (white) beer with a great sweet nose but plenty of flavour to back up that smell without losing its smoothness and drink-ability, an excellent start to the beers, and who can resist any beer that has a skull on it!

As the game kicked off the nerves kicked in and the realisation that without Lukaku starting Man U lacked the teeth or ‘fear’ factor that we used to have. My brother who lets just say is not a United fan…. instilled a bit of confidence in me as we spoke about United strengths and how we should win. To ease the nerves I cracked open beer no 2, its an ‘Easy IPA’ or ‘Session IPA’ from the Redrock brewery just outside of Jo’burg called Firebird IPA. Again a decent beer with some good hoppyness but without that overpowering bitterness some of the more traditional IPA’s have. A good session IPA but was lacking a little something that would keep me coming back for more.

The slowish start to the game exploded when Phil Jones was caught out of position by no more than a meter or two and Hazard was through like a flash….. Jones came sliding back and bang penalty!!! Hazard Cooley stepped up a rolled it into the corner. Fears confirmed 1-0 Chelsea. 3rd Beer time definitely and the name was apt for the evening a Crystal Weiss called Bad moon also from Red Rock Brewery. This beer sadly didn’t live up to my expectations as I am usually a fan of Redrock brewery, this beer lacked the teeth and flavour I was expecting from a Weiss beer, my gut is they are trying to keep it as easy drinking as possible but due to that they lost the depth of flavour.

United’s attacks lacked substance and game plan and even when Lukaku came on we still struggled to get going. The only teeth out here on the evening of the 19th were that of the actual lions over the fence that we could hear roaring through the entire 2nd half.

The game ended 1-0 to Chelsea who were deserved winners and sadly for Chelsea fans probably marks the end of Conte’s tenure at the club. Darling Bewery was the real winner on the evening and I will definitely be recommending that Bone crusher to ‘wit’ beer lovers.

All in all not the result I wanted but you can’t beoat watching an FA cup final in the bush in Africa with good beer and needing to turn the volume up over the roaring lions…

I’m off ro drown my sorrows with some more bone crushers and ribs to smash some ribs.

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