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Olly is one of those people who showed great promise at many sports at school, was predicted to achieve great things, and failed to deliver in dramatic fashion!

But after turning potential sporting talent into nothing in reality he's focused his love of sport on writing and talking about it.

He spends a lot of time "Aussie bashing" but secretly loves both the country and the people - just ask his Australian wife! Having lived in Melbourne for a number of years he's one of the few Brits who actually understands AFL (kinda).

He loves a bit of everything with his favourite teams including Wasps, Arsenal, Hampshire CCC, NSW Origin, Rabbitohs, Geelong Cats, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics and Red Soxs. 

Olly (far right) and mates set a new World Record for the longest non stop darts match ever - 50 hours! Why? No one really knows.

Born in South Africa, being outdoors and playing sport was part of everyday life. He landed on the British shores the day England won the world cup and has called England his home ever since.


His late twenties he discovered that his semi talented sporting abilities were far eclipsed by his less than talented drinking beer while watching and talking about sport abilities and bowed of the sporting world apart from the odd cameo appearance.


He supports Manchester Albion (United/Brighton) in the football world, loves the Springboks and is a massive test cricket fan and when he gets the chance he also loves to swing the old golf clubs.

Gareth (in red top) shares a cheeky beer with the surprisingly tall Keaton Jennings - taken moments before "push up gate".